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  The KBOX  is a complete closed loop stepper motor control system. This box can be configured up to 6 closed loop motors. All the wire connections to the motors, switches, VFD and other are done outside the box. This system is designed to keep the electronics very simple and easy to wire with minimal effort. No electronic knowledge is required all the connections are describe in the manual, with simple illustrations for wire hook up. All the connections can be removed from the box so that the whole box can be sent in for repair or evaluation. The KBOX is truly a simple and functional solution for your CNC needs.

KBOX includes:

- 6 axis open or (true) closed loop

- 6 limit switch inputs

- 6 Encoder inputs

- 2 PWM outputs for spindle(s)

- 6 outputs (3 Amp)

- KSTEP interface

- 36 to 48 VDC input

- On board 5VDC and 24VDC regulators (max 2.5 Amp)

- Optical isolation

- And more


                                                  available soon

KFLOP  and KSTEP are products of Dynomotion, these can be found on http;// .

Flat rate shipping (each) in USA only is $15.95.  International shipping will be quoted accordingly.

Please email Chris at or call 360-697-6828 for lead time

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Price include KBOX and KFLOP


  • Professional motion controller for CNC companies and Do It Yourself person.

Learn more kflop-view2-pic
  • 4 Axis microstepper amplifier for the KFLOP

Learn more kstep-view2-pic
  • 6 Axis open/closed loop stepper motor control system breakout PCB

Learn more ktopper-view2-pic
  • 6 Axis differential motor encoder receiver

Learn more

Motor control

  • Open loop
  • Closed loop

Learn more

Limit switch inputs

  • Sinking inputs
  • Sourcing inputs
Learn more

Encoder inputs

  • Differential inputs
Learn more

PWM outputs

  • Pulses in
  • Analog out
Learn more

General Outputs

  • Sinking outputs
Learn more

KSTEP interface

  • KSTEP motor driver

Learn more

Power supply

  • Single input

Learn more

Onboard voltage reg

  • +5 VDC
  • +12/24 VDC
Learn more

Optical isolation

  • External isolation

Learn more


MOT DRV Replacement

  • Quick disconnect
  • Driver replacement

Learn more

Fused mot protection

  • Each driver fused

Learn more

Dual cooling fan

  • Complete cooling

Learn more

Small footprint

  • Smallest on the market

Learn more

Complete box wire disconnect

  • Best serviceability

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